Research and Development

Process development technology for scaling up and the introduction of actual equipment has been accumulated over many years.
Improvement review points and review schedules are proposed based on request, from manufacturing method replication tests, to process review assuming actual equipment production, and cost simulation.
One characteristic is that a single engineer oversees the entire unified process from the lab work through prototyping and manufacture.

Main Analytical Equipment(R&D Department)
HPLC High and low pressure gradients,
Detector:UV, UV-VIS, RI, PDA, Preparative HPLC
GPC Low pressure gradients, Detector:RI, PDA
GC Detector: FID, Equipped with a head-space sample injection device
NMR 400MHz, responding to polynuclear species measurement(1H, 13C, 15N, 17O, 19F, 29Si, 31P etc.)
LC/MS Single quadrupole type, DUIS interface
FT-IR 7800~350cm-1
UV-visible spectrophotometers 190~900nm
Differential thermal-thermogravimetry measuring device (TG-DTA) Room temperature~1100℃
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) Room temperature~750℃
Karl Fischer moisture meter Volumetric procedure, Coulometric titration
Potentiometric titrator pH 0.00~14.00
X-ray diffractometer Xray source:Cu, 600W
Atomic absorption analyzer Furnace method(185~900nm)
Melting point measuring instrument Room temperature~350℃
Electronic moisture meter

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