About Us



Spera Nexus is a new company formed through the integration of the fine chemical businesses of the former IWAKI and Iwaki Seiyaku.
The two companies had different corporate cultures and practices, though they belonged to the same group.
OUR CREDO is a compass for us to proceed in the proper direction as one team despite the differences.
We think and act based on this credo as the code of conduct of Spera Nexus.

  1. Respect for our Stakeholders

We believe in the principles of integrity, trust, contribution, gratitude and respect,
and make our best possible efforts to solve the problems of our customers and society.

  1. Sustainable Improvement and Growth

To contribute to the realization of a safe and healthy society, we are not satisfied with the current situation,
but will strive to improve our technologies and service quality by continuously thinking and acting from the perspective of global optimization.

  1. Ⅽo-Ⅽreation

We will respect diversity, learn from each other through conversation, collaborate,
and achieve sustainable growth by jointly creating new value.

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